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At AMOURshe Cosmetics we are a mix of luxurious yet effortless beauty. We are an Indie Brand seeking to be innovators in the beauty industry. We realize as individuals you own the right to define beauty your way, on your terms. We just want to help! We have designed a line to help beauty novices and experts explore without limitations! Our products are fluid, lavish and cruelty-free. In 2020 our founder Tana Silver was determined to take her knack for helping others feel good and turn that love into a brand that normalizes uniqueness. As we grow our mission will never change. We will continue to promote and provide products that stimulate happiness, good vibrations and togetherness. We have pledged to ignite individualism and celebrate multiplicity, which is the essence of human existence. We are marching forward without compromise, inventing without prejudice, and accepting the beautifully flawed. 

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